Excellence Siam was established on 1 November 2012 the club was officially registered on 1 December 2012. Excellence siam then is a branch sub comes from company Excellence Inter in affiliates Excellence Group in countries Japan.

Management Philosophy

> Making employees happy, both physically and mentally.
Look forward to all employees, including executives and experts. Happy, both physically and mentally. Create stability in your life. Through learning and working in the company. To build staffs with quality. In both work and life.

> Devoted to the public to create a livable society.
Offer something to customers, society and the world, we expect to build a society in which to live. Moreover, we are still trying to develop continuously. To be released into society. To foster the development of science. And Science. What we need in addition to a profit for the company. We also aim to pay taxes in full and on time, and to be useful in the development of society.

> The unselfish and compassionate person.
Acting to benefit others. To make others happy. This idea is developed ideas to reach the hearts of others. It is the purpose of our work.

Mission Statement

  Coexistence with others, whether it is corporate or family team, we have to eliminate the need for private Selfishness or out. Although it will be difficult. But if everyone is paying attention to it. It will cause great social and live together happily.

Company Profile

Company name : Excellence Siam Co.,Ltd.
Address : Room 53, 5th flr., Thai CC Tower, 43 South Sathorn rd., Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand, 10120
Establishment : 5 Sep 2012
Capital : 4,610,000 ฿
President : Mr.Atsunori Tokumasu
BANK : Bangkok Bank