Bottle Keep System

  This is the system for liquor service provider that provide convenience in managing customer’s liquor deposit information with user-friendly website interface.

  In addition, the system supports member access for employees, Export data for customer’s liquor checking. And most importantly, with the responsive website interface the system also supports multiple resolution such as computer, tablet, even the small screen smartphone can use the system easily.


> Deposit/Withdraw Liquor
- Liquor Management (Deposit and Withdraw)
- Expired Statement Report

> Customer Management
- Customer Information Management
- Customer History

> Liquor Management
- Liquor Information Management
- Liquor Category Management (Type, Subtype)

> Member Management
- Employee Information Management

> Layout Management
- Language Display
- User Interface Display Setting


> Operability
- Quick and easy information searching with responsive website interface.
- System can export and import to document file with specified format.
- System can track customer ‘s access and liquor statement history.
- Membership required to access system and limited to one device per user for security.
- System interface support 3 languages: Japan, Thai and English.
- Manager can configure which information to display on the website interface.

> System device compatibility
- Because this system interface based on website. Therefore, it can display in every device screen with the web browser.

> Optional functions that can be implemented upon request for system development.