IT Software & Solution Development

Proposals of various computer system developments and products.

・Systems such as production management, the production plan, the stock control, and retail management are designed efficiently and developed.
・Proposal of diagnosis and treatment support system for various clinics such as massage treatment clinics and acupuncture moxibustion clinics.
・Proposal of hotel reservation system and apartment house management system etc.

IT Consultant

・We can provide the system integration service by the latest IT technology.
・Our services includes to support it from the consulting to the system planning, the design, development, modification and maintenance.
・We can support the LAN environment construction at the time of the new office establishment for the corporation advanced to Thailand. (new application of the line, setup of the server & client machine)

We can support companies that plan to advance their businesses to Thailand by IT.

Offshore Development

We provide a service which save your system development cost.

・Features of services provided by our
1. Cheap development costs and high quality and on-time delivery.
2. Japanese PM also resident.
3. We can support of three language, Japanese, English, Thai. It is a meeting and making a documents.
・We have associate company established in Thailand with skillful staffs in software development to satisfy your any requirements.
・For example Web-System,Cloud-System,Smartphones-apps,Tablets-App.

Thai office's achievements

・ Nursery Report System: The report system where all teacher can write their own daily report and report for each personal student.

Main functions
- Report writing system
- Selectable target group

Report reading system.
- Browseable by teacher(writer), date, and student.
- Available to write a comment to each report.

・ Trademark management system: The system for storage trademarks' information The system for storage trademarks' information.

Main functions
Trademark information management
- Able to browse/add/edit/delete trademark information

Reminder system
- Notify the user list of trademarks with upcoming expiration date .

Trademark renewal and registration task monitoring
- User can update and observe the progress of renewal and registration task.

Consultancy Service

Various consultation service about investment in Thailand.
・We give advice in finance and planning which is comprehensive all aspect in investment in Thailand.
・Find and support industrial estate or office for your new business.
・We have Japanese professional consultant who has experience in investment in Thailand that will provide you necessary information related to business in Thailand, such as:
1. Economy environment, factory and office in Thailand.
2. Provide advice about investment pattern in Thaiment
3. Support the necessary preparation under Thai laws,
- How to register a new company.
- How to import a foreign worker.
- How to apply other license for more support in investment, such as BOI.