Excellence Siam

Software & Solution Development

  We provide consulting services as well as developing effective systems to meet the needs of customers. We also provide system construction services include system design, implementation and for customer education. We can ensure to you that our system will work accurately and stability.


Our Services

  We offer application development from requirements, since product design and development, quality testing, deployment and further maintenance.
  We offer offshore software development which provide you cheaper development costs than your local IT companies.


Our Products

  We offer a system for bonded warehouse which help you to manage the data based on your business model and improve your business efficiency.
  We offer a system for various kinds of clinic which provides you easier way in customers' information and treatment records.



Hotel reservation system on Mobile.

The system was used in the phone book. Network: DoCoMo, Au, Softbank.
(Systems development: Java Servlet, Device Flash Lite 2.0).

The gas monitoring system.

A system that allows us to check the gas system at any time 24 hours in Kansai (Japan), which is the measure of all points in 2700. When a gas leak. Of large earthquakes can be detected immediately without having to go to the scene.
(Systems development: UNIX, Windows, C, VB, database, Oracle)

Large automated warehouse systems.

Management system with the ability to - out of stock in the store. By this system, this system can be applied to beverage manufacturers. The movement of assets, about 6000 cartons / hour.
(Systems development:UNIX、Windows、C、VB、Oracle)

Device control code automatically generated system

System for automatically generating the source code of the device control in semiconductor manufacturing manufacturers. It is possible, regardless of the skill of the technician to maintain a constant quality
(Systems development:Windows、C++、C#、STL、UML、XML)

Risk management system.

System to manage the various links to financial institutions. Risk management to influence the management for financial institutions.
(Systems development:UNIX、Windows、C、Oracle)