Excellence Face Recognition Module

  EXCELLENCE SIAM innovative product which is promoted to be showing at CES 2021 exhibition, USA.

  XFACE accurately recognizes employee faces, tells who he or she is, distinguish real faces from fake faces such as face from images, videos, or printed faces. Thermal measuring, live video call, and other functions are included.

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Bonded Warehouse System

  Inefficient warehouse management to the delays. Delivery is not timely or error. Resulted in a decrease in the efficiency of the administrative work, the error also affects the costs increased.

  This system will allow you to see the progress of work in warehouses. The assessment system will come in the form of numbers. And makes it easy to understand. Allows you to see that any process that crashes. Can be resolved into a point. And allows the system to continue.

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Bottle Keep System

  This is the system for liquor service provider that provide convenience in managing customer’s liquor deposit information with user-friendly website interface.

  In addition, the system supports member access for employees, Export data for customer’s liquor checking. And most importantly, with the responsive website interface the system also supports multiple resolution such as computer, tablet, even the small screen smartphone can use the system easily.

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Medical Treatment System

· Database of the course of treatment in each case patients and quickly find the treatment the next time, every time, confirmation of the therapeutic effect, policies and healing levels can be provided easily. · I will help to informed consent. · Search of case-healing cases of past easy.

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