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Bonded Warehouse System

  Inefficient warehouse management to the delays. Delivery is not timely or error. Resulted in a decrease in the efficiency of the administrative work, the error also affects the costs increased.

  This system will allow you to see the progress of work in warehouses. The assessment system will come in the form of numbers. And makes it easy to understand. Allows you to see that any process that crashes. Can be resolved into a point. And allows the system to continue.

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Inventory management.
- Receipt management. (domestic and imported)
- Stock transfer.

Customs Management.
- Bonded information management.
- Customs information management.

Invoice management.
- Customs Invoice.
- Charging fees for storage.
- The charge transport.

Customer management.
- Shipper ledger.
- Forwarding house master.
- Destination master.


- By setting the operating privileges for an operator, you can reduce operation errors.
- I can be done visually in plan view of the warehouse search of warehouse usage, the choice of location.
- Is given by the simple operation is the product inventory information are gathered lot different, a different standard, such as the storage location to another.
- The menu is displayed in the icon, you will be able to clarity, like manage to work the same as the expert in the rookie.

Check function progress from the Internet.
- Tracking of the product, I can query in the browser easily loading and unloading history.
- I can check the progress of real-time.

The ability to send email alerts before the shelf life expires.
- I will send a warning e-mail one week before and one month before the shelf life expires.
- I am reliable service for you do not forget the support, such as updating of shelf-life issue.

Can also exchange data with NACCS
- The exchange data with NACCS, you can check and customs clearance and arrival of cargo.    

※ NACCS the (Canucks), I to efficiently process such as payment of duty when in international trade, import and customs clearance.
- An electronic information communication system that connects built with the aim, mutual customs offices, common carriers, customs brokers, warehouses, airlines, shipping companies, ship's agent, of financial institutions.

Work efficiency issuance of various forms in the analysis (optional feature)!
By analyzing the input and the number of the product or other sales in the past, it can be used to help improve operations, improve work efficiency.